Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas may seem like an odd time to start a blog and especially a blog about movies. Essentially, watching movies is a singular exprecence. Even when we view a movie in a crowd or a group of friends or family the action of viewing is still only for you.
      When i say 'viewing' I mean more then what your eyes are doing. I define 'viewing' as (1) seeing the images projected, (2) mentally understanding the action and the filmmakers intent, and also (3) analyzing what this message means to you. Yes, this may seeming a bit complicated.
      But think about it...
      How many times have you watched a movie or even tv and you don't remember the last thing that happen? Or you're sitting through a movie and wonder why everbody thinks its any good? Or you're at the theatre and the crowd laughs but you don't or vise versa. Did you miss something? Was that joke actually funny?
      You see. Watching a movie is only half of it; its the passive part. Viewing a film is an action; its understanding. How many movies have you WATCHED and how many have you VEIWED?
      I changelle you to watch any movie you have at home, but this time view it activily. What are the supporting actors doing with the main scene is happening? Why did the director choose to begin the movie panning across a crowded store before centering on the main character?
     Did you see anything new this time around?  Does the movie have a new meaning or a greater depth? Do you understand why the character do the little move at the end that you never caught before?
      Let me know!

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