Saturday, December 25, 2010


             Movies have always played an important role in my life.  What ever was happening I knew I could easily escape this world for another. When my parents fought, I learned how to harness the force. When my brother pulled my hair and my sister destroyed my favorite toys, I took a carpet ride with Aladdin. When my first boyfriend broke my heart, I traveled with Che throughout South America.
          Even in good times, movies where there. My favorite memories involve watching movies. At Christmas we would gather and share laughter. On Sundays after church I would discuss the latest film with my uncle. And movie marathons were a staple at my slumber parties.
         Its no wonder that as an adult I still believe that music is swelling in the background when I kiss a guy I like or that the villain will be destroyed in the end. of course, i still believe that fairies can be saved with applause and that there's a lesson to learn at the end. And I want to share this love and passion for the art of film with you. Any way I can.
         FOR THE LOVE OF MOVIES is here as a platform to express thoughts, rewrites and memories about and surrounding movies. This site is not only for me, so please comment and share. Its the only way that we can learn more.

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